Back by popular demand after mesmerising the crowds at last year’s Clockenflap, this trio of huge luminous bird-like creatures will once again be found wandering inquisitively among the crowd to offer moments of mysterious magic and a whole host of otherworldly photo opportunities.




Close-Act is a street theatre company that combines various disciplines of performing arts, like dance, music and circus, with stunning visual representations. The performances are especially suitable for the urban public area. Besides the physical trained performers, in multiple theatre aspects, impressive mobile objects and extraordinary air machinery placed in the spectacles of Close-Act. The spectacular performances have a narrative character and are best described as magical and hypnotic. This atmosphere is supported by the representation of almost mythical characters, somewhat recognizable by their archetypal appearance and enlarged colourful costumes. The style of play is interactive, surprising and straight: the performers on stilts move among the audience that is immersed in the world of the performance. Close-Act provides with all the spectacles sensory experiences that are accessible and appropriate for an international audience. Close-Act was established in 1991. The company is located, with production office, workshop and storage, in a monumental premise in Tilburg (south of Holland).


The inspirers of Close-Act are artistic and general directors Hesther Melief and Tonny Aerts, their knowledge and ideas emerged from visual arts. They invent content and develop new projects, always looking for innovations and challenges of acts, costumes and objects. For the accomplishment and realisation of concepts and drafts they managed to create and bind a great team of artists, technicians, industrial designers and costume designers. Since the early years the company performs also beyond the Dutch borders. At first mainly in Europe and later, when the large-scale show Malaya and mobile acts like Saurus and White Wings made their appearance, the company presents the shows and acts worldwide.



The spectacle performances of Close-Act are best presented at theatre festivals and cultural events. In addition, the company also plays smaller productions, as various walking acts and parades. Close-Act also works on commission. Through the years Hesther and Tonny gained knowledge and experience in multiple aspects of street theatre and performances in the public area. They may advice at conceptual and technical level as part of further development on location and street theatre performances as programming of theatre festivals and events.