"GTB" is a fluid acronym of many forms. Green-Tea is the leading touch of evil innocence for these two B’s, wink wink.


Local indie sensation Serrini and Yeung Tung group up to create the kind of young and unapologetic pop music that this city thirsts for.


The two colossal fields of force collide and multiply, playing the alternative persona of crass, materialistic, acerbic "Kong Gurls". Serena and Ruby (pseudonyms for Serrini and Yeung Tung in the GTB project) do not just aim to turn heads, they shall ontologically destroy and rebuild a new age of Hong Kong identities with their music. GTB hopes to inspire a new generation of totalitarian joy fueled by intensified capitalism, community verbal violence, petty pursuits of life and sisterhood sustained by a common predilection in luxury shopping.


You go gurls.