Stranded Whale is a folk and alternative rock band in Hong Kong, since 2015. 


Stranded Whale released their first album "Northern Tower" not long after the forming of the band in 2015, showcasing their acoustic soundscape with an 'urban folk' vibe, as the band would like to describe it as. 


In 2016, they were invited to perform in Wake Up Music Festival (Chiayi City, Taiwan) and collaborated with Taiwanese chamber group Cicada to record a 9 minutes-long single Grey during the band’s tour. The door to a world of resentment was opened for the band, stepping into the darker sounds. Two songs are also highlighted in the band's repertoire. Why Don’t You and Dies In A Room - from a limited edition of 7” lathe-cut “Why Don’t You?” released in 2017, an alternative rock production which is distributed by indie label Sweaty and Cramped. Later the same year, a dreamy and obscure music video of Sunday’s Over was released, which demonstrated the band’s avid interest in alternative, electronic and jazz.


Stranded Whale's second album "The Revival" was released in the fall of 2018, a ten-song album signifies the transformation of the band, from urban folk to alternative. The whale has voyaged from the sea and plunged into the deepest ditch.